Monday, December 2, 2013

New Things

This chicky has had a long day.  In my area, many companies give the Monday after Thanksgiving off as a paid holiday because it is the first day of deer season and they know that all the hunters will just call off "sick" if they don't.

But even though it was a holiday, I was still up way to early to take my mother to a doctor's appointment.  And it was very enlightening.  It was a new specialist and this one might actually get us somewhere.  My mother suffers from chronic urinary tract infections and no one seems to know why.  Or what to do to either fix it or make it more tolerable.

And then I went out hunting.  For the first time ever in my life!  Regardless of what you may think of hunting, it is big in the area and you're somehow odd if you don't go.  And this was a very trying time for me.  I have no problem trying new things, but have to admit I felt more than a little pressure from my husband and in-laws.  But at the end of the day, I was glad enough that I went ahead and tried it.  I didn't see anything, except squirrels - all of which I would gladly kill for the nuisance they were, and basically froze my bum off.  At least Hubby came and sat with me and kept me company.  Which is probably why I didn't see anything--we were too busy whispering to each other!  ;)

It's good to have family to encourage you, as I'm feeling the lack of it from my biologicals at the moment.  While I hardly expected all my family to read my book, I would have expected a little more support I guess.  I've heard: "the print is too small" (for the paperback - which I can remedy for future books; at 472 pg's I think the font is big enough for Farmer's Daughter), "it's too long" (not everyone is into big books and I understand) "unpronounceable words" (not much I can do about that as the person saying this has an extremely low reading level and would find most basic words a problem) "It's just not my thing" (totally get that one) and "I'm not reading love stories any more" (which is okay, but why start reading it and give up when you know it's a love story to start with?)

I knew criticism would come eventually and really did expect it to come from family first.  I'm trying to take it all with a grain of salt and take from it all what I can to become a better writer.  But obviously I don't write to please my family.  (obviously as there is some language and some sex in it.)  If I did, the book would never have been published in the first place!  There are some who don't want to see me succeed.  They'll tell you other wise, but their sarcasm and nay-saying indicate otherwise.

But on the bright side, I did get permission from a local restaurant to bring in a few paperback copies and see if they won't sell there  Crossing fingers and waiting to have the funds to buy a few more copies!  It's a rough time of year for us as Mr. Janney is essentially laid off for the winter.

I haven't given the go ahead to the audio book yet, but plan to later this week.  Also will be releasing to Nook in the middle of the month as well.

New things = exciting times!

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