Friday, December 27, 2013

Small Miracles

This may not mean anything to some people, but I have the full weekend off!  Considering that we had both Christmas day and the day after off as paid holidays, this really is a small miracle!  We all started the week off with the full expectation of having to work this Saturday, but of the departments working tomorrow, mine isn't one of them.

After the family dinner tomorrow afternoon, I'll spend some more time working on book two.

There's not much else going on at the moment.  I've spent a bit of time on Google+ and Twitter reading a few good articles.  Twitter and Pinterest are challenges to me, as I'm never sure if I'm using them correctly.  I get this chilling feeling that I'm not getting the most they have to offer.  It is a struggle, but I'll keep plugging away.

When it comes to Twitter, I probably don't follow the right people.  A lot of the people I follow are actors that I like.  Gary Sinise, Marina Sirtis, Mara Wilson.

I really like Mara Wilson.  I was never a big fan when she was a little girl in the movies.  Probably just a generational thing.  Oddly enough, I never even saw Matilda until recently, in the past few years.  And that was because my husband had seen it growing up and liked it.  My hubby's near Mara's age, while I'm ten years older.  It was an okay movie, but I have to be honest that it made me angry the way Matilda's parents treated her; and it made me angry that they just let her go at the end of the movie, even though it was for the best.  But I've read a bit of her blog, Mara Wilson Writes Stuff, and follow her on places like Twitter and Facebook and I just like her attitude.  She's a young woman who has more boldness and bravery than I ever had at her age.  I may be a bit envious of that.  Or at least her online persona has those qualities I admire.

I do have more practical Twitter follows, people in the same trade as I.  Frank Perreti, Ted Dekker, M.B. Mooney, and Jess Hanna.   Not all of them are frequent Tweeters though and I end up with more from my favorite actors.  And "guru" types like +Peg Fitzpatrick and +Jeff Roach even though I follow them more on Google+.  I can't help it, I just like Google+ (even if my computer sometimes doesn't! lol)  I just love Peg F.  She's probably my biggest source of social media information.

There is so much I feel like I'm missing.  I can only spend so much time online because of my job.  And breaks are never long enough!  I'm going to have to learn to better utilize them though, because I don't think my 'day job' is going to be changing anytime soon even though I do have a job interview tomorrow morning.  This week hasn't been too bad in the area of work, two 8 hours days Monday and Tuesday, two whole days off, and then a killer 9 hour shift today.  Usually we run five 9's.  But between family events and just being tired, it doesn't feel much different.

At least I don't have to wear earplugs tonight.  I did earlier in the evening, but the Halo Wars crew has changed so the volume has changed as well.  But it's the low rumble I prefer, so I'll be getting off now to pick up my writing in book two.

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