Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Midweek Blues

I'm feeling better than I did last night.  Less pain in my neck and shoulder, although my fingers are still achy.  At least they didn't lock up on me today!  Typing on the computer has never seemed to bother me, a few times my wrist has bothered because the mouse is in a poor position, but not the typing.

Ah well.

I've gotten a little writing done tonight, trying to sew up the middle of my second book in the series.  I know it's just a rough draft, but I so want to have all the pieces together now!  I don't remember this much trouble with the first one, but then that was a few years ago.  But I'm making progress so I won't complain.

Random trivia for the day: in my first novel, one of the main settings is a general store.  Of all the jobs I've work at in my life, I've never worked in any kind of store.  I've worked in more than a few factories, worked at a nursing home as a nurse's aide, worked as a bus driver, a librarian...I really miss that one...But I've never worked in a general store.  I know we're 'supposed' to write about what we know, but the story really isn't about the store.  Or the Carman's farm for that matter.  (I've never lived on a farm either, just next door.)

It's about the people, about Craig and Angela's relationship, about overcoming the past and embracing the future.  And when it comes to workplace thing I've noticed in all my jobs is that it's all pretty much the same.  Different faces, different stories, but people are still people and drama happens just the same everywhere.  We all have hopes and dreams, we all have troubles and sorrows.  And drama is just a normal side affect of people rubbing up against other people.  It's hard not to do in such a crowded world!

On the brighter side of my present work, we've been getting done before 3:30...although just barely a few times.  Today we were done before 3!  We start at 6 AM.  Of course, they've turned the cow line up really high like we're in some kind of race...which you'd think they'd stop doing since stuff keeps breaking whenever they do that.  On my end of the process we've been buried...which might be why my mental wandering has been off.

Here's to hoping we have Saturday off though!

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