Sunday, May 31, 2015

Busy Busy Busy

Visitors at a picnic Mr Janney and I had.
I've been so busy recently, I've fallen behind in all my blogs! Read about the most recent events here at Broads of a Feather. I apparently meant to do a Mother's Day post, but all that was there was the title...Lord only knows what I intended to write before I got distracted by something!

Mr. Janney is recovering from his surgery ok, though I worry that he's trying to push himself too hard.  We are in severe financial ruin at the moment, he won't be going back to work for another 2 months at the least.  None of the doctors I've seen will release me back to full duty full time and even at $14/hr one cannot live on 20 hours a week...and none of them will do surgery on me either!  Nor will they just write me out, which would be financially difficult as well but at least I'd be able to draw Short Term Disability and have my job held for a year.  They want me to lose weight (which I don't argue) but they don't want me walking for exercise but it's ok to keep working at a job that keeps me on my feet?  I don't get it.

I have not gotten much writing done recently.  Not since the scribbling since Mr. Janney's surgery in fact.  Between napping, running errands, rearranging the computer room...there's either been little time for myself, or I'm too tired to even open the computer up.  I'm hoping the exhaustion thing will be a thing of the past since my thyroid is now adjusted and 'almost over-active' as my primary doctor said...and the fact that I've discovered that iced coffee gives me a bigger jolt than hot coffee!

Scenes like this help fight depression.
I've also started taking St. John's Wort again to help take the edge off of the depression I've been dealing with.  I can't afford another prescription, I can't even afford my current ones - which is why I haven't had my second blood sugar medicine in a couple of months!  And right now much of it is circumstantial anyway.  Between the constant pain, my husband's pain, constant money woes...why wouldn't I be depressed?

I just wish it didn't take away my desire to read and write.  That's probably the worst thing about depression.  There's just no desire for any of it.  I've been trying to read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson for weeks now, and even though it is far more pure fantasy than anything I've read in a while that wasn't Wheel of Time which makes it slower reading for me, I'm still hooked and I want to know how everything turns out!  So often though I'll pick the book up and read for just a few minutes then put it down.  It takes so much less energy to play Clash of Clans on my obsolete smartphone or Pet Rescue Saga - although that one tends to tick me off and then I switch to Bejeweled Blitz.

Flowers at the pond we were at yesterday, shortly after a rain shower.
Well, I have to get back to laundry. Hope everyone is having a good weekend, even if it is rainy like it is here!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Big Day or Going Under the Knife

Well, the big day has arrived for my husband.  He is in surgery even as I type this in the surgical waiting area on one of their computer's.
I threatened to take pictures, because I know Mr. Janney hates having his picture taken.  But I didn't; I figured he had enough going on.  Although I wish I could have.  Six foot one doesn't sound that tall to me because I live with him all the time and it never feels like that big of a difference between his heigth and mine (five foot seven).  But seeing him stretched out on the short hospital bed was something else!  Feet up against the small foot board, head just hanging over the top of the elevated top.
Maybe it doesn't look as bad once they laid him flat, but they didn't do that while I was there.  They put the IV in while I was there, but I had to step out while they administered the nerve block.  I kind of wanted to see that part because they use an ultrasound as a guide since it was going into the side of his neck.
Because his surgery is on his left arm, he had to take his wedding ring off.  He handed it to me and so I've got it on my right hand at the moment, which feels really wierd!
I brought a notebook with me, so in a few minutes when I sign off from here I'll be scribbling on one story or another.  Probably my third novel as that needs to get done soon!  I might look at the short story I already have started in there though.  I haven't decided yet.
Have a good day peeps :)