Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Big Day or Going Under the Knife

Well, the big day has arrived for my husband.  He is in surgery even as I type this in the surgical waiting area on one of their computer's.
I threatened to take pictures, because I know Mr. Janney hates having his picture taken.  But I didn't; I figured he had enough going on.  Although I wish I could have.  Six foot one doesn't sound that tall to me because I live with him all the time and it never feels like that big of a difference between his heigth and mine (five foot seven).  But seeing him stretched out on the short hospital bed was something else!  Feet up against the small foot board, head just hanging over the top of the elevated top.
Maybe it doesn't look as bad once they laid him flat, but they didn't do that while I was there.  They put the IV in while I was there, but I had to step out while they administered the nerve block.  I kind of wanted to see that part because they use an ultrasound as a guide since it was going into the side of his neck.
Because his surgery is on his left arm, he had to take his wedding ring off.  He handed it to me and so I've got it on my right hand at the moment, which feels really wierd!
I brought a notebook with me, so in a few minutes when I sign off from here I'll be scribbling on one story or another.  Probably my third novel as that needs to get done soon!  I might look at the short story I already have started in there though.  I haven't decided yet.
Have a good day peeps :)

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