Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Day After

And the day after Christmas is very much a lazy blah day.  At least here in my home.  There is this feeling of..."Really?  It's over?  That's it?"  Unmet expectations coupled with too much rich food.  Although I will say my blood sugar was a nice 119 this morning, so I didn't overdo it too badly yesterday.

About 3 this afternoon I was hit with a wave of exhaustion and I tried laying down for a nap.  I don't think I got any sleep and I still feel absolutely drained.  And tomorrow it's back to work.

I have gotten nothing accomplished with my writing today, but sometimes we need to give our brain a rest.  Mine has certainly been on overdrive recently, especially during the REM part of sleep.  Of course, I'm at a hard spot in the story where I'm not sure how to word things so I might also be procrastinating just a bit.  But I'll get over it like always and find the right words and then it'll flow out of me like water onto dry land.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and let's get geared up for New Years!

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