Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hopes Dashed!

I've spent a week off the computer in an attempt to rest my aching wrist, and have missed this place sorely!  But my hopes for an audio book have been cut short!  I tried to send an offer to the woman who auditioned, only to find out that she's super new too and didn't realize that she needed a home studio or acces to one. Which I understand totally, it's all confusing to me too. But it's still a bummer!  I guess I'll keep shopping!  I did send an offer out today, and am keeping my fingers crossed!

And then there's the death of movie actor Paul Walker!  I spent all day last Sunday hoping that it would turn out to be a hoax and finally had to accept that it was not.  I wasn't a huge fan, as I tended to find his characters somewhat annoying (which is why I would have wanted him to play Pastor Mark if my book was ever made into a movie lol). But he was one of my favorite actors. And all his undercover good deeds that are coming into more media coverage really kind of make me respect him more.  He was so much more than a pretty actor. He was a man who flew with teams into disaster zones as a 'first responder' to help and give aid...out of his own pocket.

I've had the house pretty much to myself today, although I've managed to write very little.  I have gotten some social media done, Facebook and Twitter, and even some Pinterest.  I've also started formatting to release Farmer's Daughter on Nook later next week.!!  Woot woot!  I have to do something for a cover though, and they don't have a program to build one right through them like Kindle did.  I will find something suitable and make it myself through PicMonkey.  I really enjoy that site!

There are a lot of thoughts on my mind right now, too many to include in this post.  Some I'm not sure I dare voice.  We will see what the week holds.  I do have Tuesday and Wednesday off, though the days will be filled with my mother's doctors appointment: it can be hard getting old!

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