Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Life of this Writer

The life of a writer should be easy, right?  I should be able to get up when I want, write when I want, write in the atmosphere I want, go to bed when I want.  In a perfect world, maybe.

Work has been rough this week, even though I had two days off midweek for mother's doctors appointments.  Thursday and Friday we worked 9 1/2 hrs.  It is not just my opinion that we should never have combined first and second shift and that we need to go back to that arrangement.  While it may save the company money, I have to ask: at what cost?  Their people are suffering, and this particular branch only seems to care for the bottom dollar and not those who earn them that bottom dollar.

And the hubby has been home a lot this week.  While I appreciated his company for my mother's appointments, it makes me worry whether he's lost his job or not.  Waiting by myself can be very trying, so I was very glad that he was there.  Mostly routine things, but the scans Mom had done on Wednesday should hopefully give us some insight as to her constant bladder infections.  I just heard from her and she's gotten a report back from the one scan already saying that she has a partial blockage somewhere between her kidney and the bladder...I'm guessing the same one that she had back in 2010 that no one bothered to tell us about.  I'm not sure how something like that is fixed, but I'm guessing there's going to be more surgery and more waiting in our future.

I can usually write and do my social media stuff while hubby plays his Xbox games, mainly Halo Wars, but lately he's been exceedingly...exuberant.  He did turn his music off last night when I was having trouble with my Nook Book cover.  Which I think I've finally settled on one that I like:

I like it.  I don't think I'll update the other covers, the one for Kindle and CreateSpace, but I will be sure to carry this on for the rest of the series.  I like the font. Naturally I made it with PicMonkey.  I'm not sure what the problem was last night, but every time I tried saving my cover it would crash on me.  So I finally shut down my other window and just kept PicMonkey open and that seemed to do the trick.  All's well that ends well.

Signing off for now.  Going to try to get some writing and 'socializing' done.  Google+ and Twitter, here I come!

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