Sunday, January 19, 2014

Two Frustrating Days Caused Me To Go Offline

Frustration upon frustration!  Doctor's appointments and tax appointments!

Not only did I not post here, but I didn't get my post on Broads of a Feather done.  I haven't been on Google+, or Twitter.  I've posted a few things on Facebook, reaching out to friends and trying to de-stress.  And I didn't always make good decisions, but hey we're all human - ish.
Tired but adorable :)

Time has not been my friend since Thursday afternoon.  Getting mother to the doctor's was no problem, and when I had barely say down to check my Facebook notifications and they called us back, I figured it was going to be a quick and easy in and out appointment.  Not so fast there!  An hour later I was ready to crawl up the walls as the doctor still had not made his appearance.  Only to learn he wouldn't do anything for her except change her medicines. Friday's appointment went smoother, but I still didn't get home until almost the same time that I did Thursday night.  So tired I was ready to cry.

No, wait - I did cry.  Nevermind!  

I did have a short work day morning yesterday, and the hubby wanted to hang out for a while after I got home.  That's always nice.  And I did get on the computer later in the evening with the intent of writing, but my Facebook addiction got in the way. Facebook and I have a very love/hate relationship - kind of like me and my iPhone!  I only have it open on my phone at the moment, and that's easier to ignore.

I'm not sure if things are stabilizing out in my life, or if it's just a brief lull.  Those happen and I never trust them.  I intend on making the most of it though.  There's no telling how long it's going to last.

Sometimes there are too many things in life to balance.

Going to go work on my other blog post now.

2014 - Back After These Messages

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