Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Learning to Balancing Work, Home, and Hobby

I was not writing when I met my husband.

Nothing fictional, at least.  Just the random odd poem.  Which for me is nowhere near as consuming as fiction writing.  With poetry, I just poor out whatever it is I am feeling and it's done.  With fiction, it's world creating ~ It's intrigue and drama and romance ~ It draws me into my characters thoughts, emotions, dreams, and fears!  My characters are so real to me!

So when I downloaded my rough draft of Farmer's Daughter early last year and was totally consumed by it, he was - not surprised exactly, but it was something new to him.  While he supports me in my writing, I'm not sure it's something he completely understands.  You might understand me when I say 'consumed', especially if you're a fellow writer or reader.  But he's not and he always looks a little confused when I talk about it.  We've argued about how much time I spend on the computer a few times, and he always throws my own lines back at me about getting out and living life and not rotting on the Xbox.  Hmm, not sure they compare and I feel after ten years of writer's block I'm entitled to a break from "real life".

But I value my relationship with him, so I try to balance my time on the computer with the rest of life.  It's hard when he doesn't cooperate!

It shouldn't be hard: balancing work, home, and the hobby I'm trying to turn into a career.

I mean, yes, I work a full time job.  Only 40 hours during a good week, but we haven't really had too many of those since they consolidated the first and second shifts of my department.  45 hours has become our norm; although the cold weather gave us an unusually short week last week.  That translates into 9 hours days.  Like so many, I come home tired and not wanting to do anything.

Did I mention she was cute too???
Home is just my husband and I, and our hyper and attention loving dog Jaclyn.  I do the bulk of the chores, when I feel like it.  Mostly I just come home, walk the dog, eat my supper, and go on the computer.  Not that I always get much accomplished.  At least at this moment as I write this I only have to deal with his conversation over the Xbox and not his comedy channel on his Pandora radio app.  The comedy channel is like a TV show - it sucks me right in and I get distracted.  Sometimes because it's actually funny.  Other times the humor is just insolent and it makes me angry.

And now my author friend and I are undertaking our joint "Broads of a Feather" venture.  Which by the way, she put her post up today!  I will probably post on Thursday and drop posting here on that day.  I will make that decision for sure tomorrow and include it in tomorrow's post.  It will be exciting when we have more members to our group!  More writers to chat with, share ideas with, and just have fun together!

One way or another, I will learn this balancing act.  Even if it means quieting the hubby with duct tape or shutting off the power again. ;)  There are many things he could do to help me, but I'm afraid that as much as he 'supports' me - I'm on my own.  If I succeed, then great.  If not, oh well.

But see, I'm set on succeeding!  I'm set on proving every naysayer in my life wrong.  Because I know that I can do this.  I can see my dream become a reality, and become even more than I expected.  Because I'm a writer, I'm also a dreamer.

And I dream pretty big.

2014 - Full Speed Ahead!

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