Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Realizing I Might Not Be Clear

Sometimes I forget that you all can't see through your computer screen and see what I'm trying to say.  I realized this today.

I know that I've commented and maybe complained quite a bit about my husband's noisy gaming - but failed
Does this do funny things to your eyes?  This is how I feel!
to mention that this is in the same room as our computer.  Maybe this is self explanatory to some, but that doesn't mean it is to everyone and really I ought to be more clear.  We are probably maybe six feet apart from each other.

It is cramped quarters to be sure.  It would be worse had he not knocked the wall out a few years ago.  One of many projects he has started but never finished.  I sit almost in the spot where the old closet used to be!  I did give much thought today about rearranging our rooms, but if I do that it won't be until the weekend.  If we don't work on Saturday.  There were ????'s on the schedule today - ugh!

He's not always noisy when he plays; it's when he's in an Xbox Live party and they're all chatting and planning and squabbling like the children they tend to act like.  Most of his friends are over eighteen, but not all.  There are a few teens in the group.  But that doesn't mean anything!  I swear, when I drove school bus seven some years ago, those kids were better behaved than some of this crew!

I have a few things in mind for tomorrow's post on Broads of a Feather.  Just a reminder that I won't be posting here tomorrow.  I might even write it out by hand tonight, so all I have to do is copy it over.  It's a little easier that way.  I actually printed off a few pages of my story and took them into work with me today to work on during breaks.  I didn't get anything new written yet, but I did do some editing and reworded a few sentences.  There's a possibility that I'll just be signing off the computer in a few minutes and just take my papers down to the bedroom and write there.  Heck, most of the first book was written in notebooks on break at the Manor when I worked as a nurse's aide!

Whatever it takes, right?

2014 ~ Full Speed Ahead

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