Thursday, January 9, 2014

Early Day Opens Afternoon For Play...Or Shopping With Mom

I'm not saying that shopping with my Mom isn't fun, but it's not my first pick of what I would have done this afternoon.

Work got out super early, after 4.5 hours instead of 8.  With the extreme weather in our corner of the world, we weren't able to get all the cows that we were supposed to.  Mostly due to the highways in New York being shut down.  But enough about work!  Blah!!!

Not saying how nice today was.  :)
One of the first things I do when getting out of work is to check my phone for messages.  Mom had called to let me know that the doctor's office had called and rescheduled her appointment.  Had I thought of it, I could have told her that we were expecting an early day today.  But she didn't know, so she turned down the earlier appointment and rescheduled for next week.  Which isn't really too bad.  I thought about hopping on the computer and getting started on all my stuff, but then she mentioned some shopping she needed to do.

Since I am borrowing her vehicle at the moment, it's only right that I take her where she needs to go while I have it.  So I ate some lunch and drove on up and brought her back into town.  It wasn't a bad way to spend the afternoon.  We had some good conversations.  I got to tell her about my latest writing venture, Broads of a Feather.  She liked the sounds of it as well.

So I am just now getting around to getting stuff done on the computer.  I hope I get to some actual writing tonight.  +MJ Bush gave me some articles to read and an assignment to write my midpoint for my second novel...which I've been thinking on and have some good ideas and just have to get time to write.  And a quiet husband, but I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about his Xbox addiction.  I know I sure am!  I'll do earplugs soon if I have to.

One thing about the midpoint spot for my novel...I've wrote the part where Craig realizes what's going on, but that's too late to be midpoint.    So I have to figure out something sooner, either Angela's realization of what's going on...or just give the audience a glimpse while keeping the characters clueless.

I can do this!

2013 ~ Full Speed Ahead

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