Monday, January 20, 2014

Easier to be Social in an Imaginary World

Or is it?

For me it is.

Today I read a short article by +Jeff Roach about how to be social online when being social doesn't come naturally to a person. It was good; his advice in a nutshell was that if you don't have a lot to say, then share what means something to you.  Like articles.
My window into a larger world.

My thing is that I have an easier time "talking" here online than in person.  In person I trip over my tongue, sputter, and oddly enough I suck at telling stories.  The written word is my best way to speak.  I can edit and delete (if I'm smart enough to) and get my sentences "just right".  This sentence can go 'here' - or wait, would it make more sense down 'here'?

And when it comes to talking to people, the same applies.  There is something about removing the face to face eye contact that makes it easier for me to decide what is best to say.  There's less pressure.  Unless I know them quite well, and even then - well, if I say what I'm really thinking, would they still want to be my friend?

I love being online.  I love "meeting" people that I ordinarily wouldn't.  My computer and my iPhone are a window into a larger world.  Where in the real world I am probably far too timid, here on the internet I get to be a bold lion.  And it has gotten me in trouble a time or two!  But the lessons I've learned by my mistakes have been invaluable!

2014 ~ Full Speed Ahead - just watch out for those bumps in the road!

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