Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gaming's Effect On Today's Sanity

I know they say that opposites attract, but man oh man Mr. Janney and I have our poles reversed today!  Every time he has gotten too noisy for me to concentrate, I have left the room and found something else to do.  Inevitably, he quiets down.

And by the time I realize that it's quiet, and return to the room to do some work either online or on my story - one of his friends gets into his Xbox Live chat and the noise starts up all over again!  Talk about frustration!  Talk about driving me insane!!

The earplug trick wouldn't work today, as he's also been talking to me and wanting my help with his game.  Well, not with the actual game, but with making his crew for GTA 5.  And maybe with getting the Xbox to register the crew I set up online.  As well as the emblem I designed for him.  He didn't ask me to do that, I was just playing while I was waiting to see if he was done with me and the computer (which I'm still not sure about) and he happened to see what I was doing and liked it.  He had a few requests about color and the size of the objects I had picked - which just goes to show how well I know him.

One thing I did get accomplished today, was emailing back and forth with +MJ Bush about hiring her as a Fiction Coach.  I'm optimistic that she'll give me the help I need to get me out of the writing pickle I'm in.  I really enjoy the articles I've read at her Writin Geekery blog.

He's back down to a dull roar, he must be getting tired so I'm going to close with the emblem I made for him today and see if I can't get some story work done.  The pic isn't my best work, nor the colors I would choose, but then it wasn't for me!  As of right now, he's happy with it, so I'm happy.

I might not be 100% sane, but I'm happy!

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