Monday, February 17, 2014

Life's Distractions Are Time Consuming

I don't know where to begin.  Not really.

I guess for starters, I haven't been to get to the library to get my professional looking picture taken yet.  The
the next three years of my life signed away...but it's a sweet ride :)
photographer had a speech to prepare that day, and I ended up being taken around my small town car shopping.  But if all things happen for a reason, my newish Buick Le Sabre is worth the change in plans.

And then there has been work.  9 to 9 and a half hours of it.  And since we had another three day weekend this week is looking like it's going to shape up to be about the same, if not more of it.  There are rumors that our three day weekends could last for a few more weeks, but with the lack of a "Purple Hat" in our area there is no way to get any reliable information.

I did not blog.  I did not write in my novel - I may have gotten a sentence or two written in one project or another, but nothing of any substance!  I haven't been on G+.  I haven't done much Tweeting.  I have done a lot of Facebooking, as that is sometimes the easiest way to unwind after a long days work.

This past weekend was very relaxing though, as my husband essentially gave me a 48 hour date.  He took me out, pampered me here to home, and even fixed me breakfast in bed yesterday morning!  How I wish the 'love bug' would bite him more often!

And here we are on Monday, the last day in our three day weekend.  I have taken my husband to work, done one blog post, two once this one is done and posted, and about three loads of laundry.  And once this is done, and this post shared everywhere I usually share my posts, I think I am shutting the internet window down and just working on my novel.  All the while hoping and praying that another one of life's distractions doesn't come knocking on my door.  It's terrible I know, but sometimes I crave solitude.  Not for too long, just enough time to myself to be by myself - it helps me appreciate people a bit more ;)

2014 ~ Wild and Crazy!!

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