Monday, February 3, 2014

A Quiet House Causes Much to be Accomplished

Maybe not when it comes to actual story writing, but this past weekend while my husband has actually been out of the house, I really did get a lot of writing things done.

I finished blog posts here, as well as at my joint blog (you can read the latest post here).  I also finished a questionnaire for my fiction coach +MJ Bush who should be calling me shortly.

And I even managed to write my Author Bio.  How exciting is that?  Which I'll need when the librarian starts publicizing our presentation in March.  Of course, I still need to write a short Bio, but the afternoon is young yet.

I never before realized how much I need some semblance of quiet in my writing area.  I can handle soft music (R.E.M. is playing at the moment) and I can even handle Mr. Janney playing Halo Wars as long as it's a relatively quiet game.  There is no concentrating during GTA 5.

I'm hoping that this is a turning point, that'll he keep on going to work with the welder and we're both still hoping he gets the security gig as well.

It's like I can breath again.

Breath, write, think,'s all the same thing...

2014 ~ Full Of Possibilities

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