Friday, March 28, 2014

The Week of "Meh"

This has been a rather blah week.  I haven't been feeling good and that throws everything out of whack.  I even tried blogging about "nothing" last night - but it just sounded whiny so I tossed it in the bin.  I don't like to read whiny blog posts, so I imagine you don't either.
Photo art by Tiffany Robbins-Gigee

I'm getting a little nervous about next Saturday. Next Saturday C.P. Stringham and I, the chicks over at Broads of a Feather, will be doing our first library presentation.  I'm more excited though.  I mean, I know that once it gets going - I'm going to be loving it.  It's just about not getting myself worked up about it beforehand!

Regardless, I'm feeling a bit better tonight.  But then I've gotten to hang with Mr. Janney and had a good birthday celebration for him.  Not much really, just a dinner out at a restaurant of his choice.  My young man is getting old - a whopping 27 now!  His birthday was actually Wednesday, but as it is in the way of grownups, we put it off until a night when neither of us had to work the next day.  Which is why I am still up at ten o'clock at night!

Our dog Jaclyn has managed this neat trick at getting into the garbage without taking the lid off the can.  I'd really like to know how she's managed that, the sneaky little devil!  This of course means I can never ever turn my back on her, which can be rather tiring.  Tonight she managed to dump the entire thing on its side, so she's trapped in the computer room with Mr. Janney and I - she's not happy, but she'll get over it.  I may have to follow +Jacqueline Brown's advice and bleach the garbage.

I hear my washing machine spinning out, so I'd best be getting back to my chores.  At least through it in the dryer.  And then get to working on book two of my series so I can get that out soon!  My goal right now is to have it done and proofed by summer's end.  Before would be nicer.  But for some reason I have "summer's end" in my head.    Let's keep our finger's crossed!

2014 ~ A Year of Redefining

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