Thursday, March 13, 2014

Random Thoughts About Buttons

I have been having a lot of trouble focusing this past week and a half, due to a death in my husband's family. My cohort from Broads of a Feather suggested I try blogging about random things to help me keep posting.

So today's random thoughts are about buttons.  It's something I overheard at the post-memorial service meal last weekend, about how people used to have button collections.  People used to collect buttons for all sorts of reasons, one being the lack of availability of buttons.  That is something we don't really have anymore.  It doesn't take much to buy a package of buttons, if you really feel the need to replace one.  Many people don't bother anymore.

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to rifle through my mother's button collection.  It was kept on the shelves between my parents' bedroom and the living room.  They were deep shelves, built into the wall.  I used to sit for hours just looking at the different buttons.  My favorites were the ones that had plastic 'gems' and the ones with rhinestones.  I would pretend that they were precious jewels; even in my early teens I would do this.

Today, I have my own button collection.  Inherited not from my mother, but from her sister.  I was helping my aunt go through some items in her upstairs room during a visit, and one of the things I walked away with was a large tin full of buttons.  I think it was a special edition Schwann's ice cream tin.  No reason, really.  I don't sew that much anymore, so it's not like I need them for anything.  I just like having them, and running my fingers through them.  I love the different colors, the different designs.  The older ones are the best!

Sadly, my home has been in state of remodeling for just over two years now and I'm not even certain where
my tin is at right now.  Maybe I will try finding it this weekend, though I make no promises, not even to myself.  My plans have a tendency of being changed on me at the last minute.

Do you collect anything?  Is it something people would consider normal?  Or like me would it be a little bit quirky?

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