Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Random Thoughts About my Day

Last week when they told us we would be working five days, we all thought - the bosses included - that my department would be getting at least 40 hours.  Well, the harvest floor had a bad day and even though we'll still be working five days, we'll be lucky to get the same amount of hours we have been getting by shoving everything into four days.  But still, while the paychecks will suck, it is nice to have a couple of short days.  I mean, who doesn't like being home by lunchtime?

I've been home since a little after 12 noon, and haven't gotten much done really.  I walked the dog - and then put her back in the kennel since she can't stay out of the garbage while I run into the bathroom.  I'll let her out again shortly.  Made myself a warm lunch - as apposed to the cold cheese sandwiches I usually eat, I grilled them this time.  I didn't have any tomato soup to go with them, which was sad, but I found a can of stewed tomatoes and decided that it was close enough!  And then I moved the clothes from the dryer to the bed, the clothes in the washer to the dryer, and started a new load in the washer.
I blogged about TV, but I don't think I'll be watching any today.

And now I'm on the computer.  I checked to see if there were any comments on my post over at Broads of a Feather and replied to them like a good little blogger.  I've done a favor for my hubby - at least I hope it worked, he hasn't messaged me back yet.  I've checked my email, sent two quick replied with a promise to get back to them a little later this afternoon.  One involved converting a file to PDF so that my one Beta Reader will be able to make comments easier.

I have at least one phone call to make too, see if I can't get some help paying this winter's electric bill.  It is huge!  Sometimes there are too many bills, and too small of a payday, especially when you're not getting the work hours you're used to.  And I'm sure I can find a few other chores to attend to before getting down to writing.  I hate that, but some things just need to be done.  Dishes and laundry both reproduce while you're doing them and so they never get done.  Ever.

Now I have to turn my thoughts to the presentation Broads of a Feather will be doing April 5th at the library.  I'm excited, and daunted, all at once.  I'll give you more information the closer we get to the event.  :)  So on that happy thoughts, you all have a great afternoon!

2014 - One Day at a Time

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