Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back In Action

I can't begin to say how GOOD it feels to be back online!
my very own 'Touched By An Angel' moment....

Our internet should have been turned back on earlier this week, I even had the company's representatives tell me that it was turned back on and they'd send me a repairman to find out why it wasn't reaching our modem.  It didn't take the repairman long to discover the problem - it was never turned back on!!   Shopping for a different provider never sounded so good as it does right now!

So I'm back and working on getting my online presence sparkling again.  I've already posted at Broads of a Feather.  Because that's a shared blog, I did what I had to in order to keep my posts up to date there, although I'm afraid the posts weren't my best.  I hate writing a post on my phone app, because the screen is so small and my phone is so stupid - it's ridiculously outdated.

I was supposed to be Googling a computer question for my hubby tonight, but I've been so busy checking all my stuff out that I haven't quite got there yet.  I mean...Facebook and blogs and Amazon and Twitter!!  I almost feel like I've come back home after a long trip!  But I know better, because while I had all that silence I was able to complete the rough draft to my second novel!  How exciting is that?!?!  I have taken a break before getting down to the dirty work of proofing it mostly because we're in the middle of transitioning computers (hence the reason why I need to Google computer questions later).  But I expect to release it at least by the end of August!

Which brings me up to an important announcement.  I will be taking Farmer's Daughter off of Nook Press at the end of July.  I know that's a bit short notice, but if I'm going to be releasing the sequel in August, I want a chance to have some sales and special offers available through the Kindle Select program.  Which means that it can only be available for the Kindle.  No biggie since I never did see the sales on Nook that I have on the Kindle.  SO if you haven't gotten your Nook version, better hop to it!  And if you're waiting on a Kindle's just around the corner!

Sigh.  Ok, I guess I'd better power down for a bit and see if I can't figure out what he did to the new computer so he doesn't have to take it to a professional.  And I have physical therapy in the morning - for both my foot and for the muscle spasm I triggered in my lower back last week.  But at least things are turning around for us in other areas of our life!

I'll see you all again...shortly!  :)

2014 ~ It's July!  How time has flown!

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