Thursday, July 31, 2014

Just Another Day In The Life of Me

It's one of those days where I don't know what I want to write about.

I do have a post in the works about what I consider the "token" female in movies and literature, but it's not finished yet.  I'll probably be done with it and have it posted one of the days next week.  There's been a lot of similar post on the internet recently, so I'll eventually be chiming in and giving my two cents worth.

Today is just one of those days I'm not having a very good day.  It's not going the way I expected, and that never makes anyone happy unless its better than what was expected.  But isn't that life?  Always throwing us a curve ball of some kind?
My last birthday cake...two birthdays ago!

Even on our birthdays!  We all have good ones, ones we'd rather forget, and some so mundane we really did forget all about them.  So far it's been a rather blue day.

BUT - I've got some pretty good friends, and a few have cheered me up today.  Which kind of how I came up with a topic to talk about real quick.

I have a tendency to complain about my husband's gaming, and yes there was a time when he was out of control.  It's not so bad if we're gaming together though.

With our new computer, we are able to play a roleplaying game we both like.  Runescape.  It's set in a medieval setting, so my character gets to run around with a sword!  Or a bow and arrow if I want to switch it up.  You can level in almost any skill imaginable: woodchopping, mining, magic, fletching...the list goes on.

Mr. Janney is already talking about doing quests together.  We used to play together all the time.  It's hard on just one computer though, especially since our old one was never able to handle the online game.  Quests open up different areas of the World for you, so does being a paying member - which I am glad to see that the price of membership hasn't gone up in the past few years.  We'll see if we're able to do this by this weekend or not, it depends on his paycheck whether I get my present right away or not.  I'm supposed to be getting a laptop.

Going to keep it short today.

Do you have a favorite birthday memory?  Mine is buying our marriage license a year ago today!

Just a reminder: today is the last day to purchase my novel on Nook...I'll be taking it down tomorrow morning...and then the Kindles sales will start!

2014 ~ Another year older...

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