Sunday, June 8, 2014


I hate not knowing what to blog about.  Like I commented on +Rebekah Radice's blog post about the "5 Bad Habits Killing Your Blogging Mojo" - I have a non-existent blogging plan.  I just kind of post whatever is on my mind when I decide it's time for a new post.  Which let me tell you, makes it kind of rough when my mind is blank!

Rebekah, of course, is very encouraging in her reply to my comment.  I think that it is her belief in her readers ability to succeed that is part of her charm and why she herself succeeds.  And it's not a plastic kind of belief either, this lady means what she says!  She makes me feel the same way as seeing my yard full of violets in early spring. Happy and positive about the future!

You would think that I'd have no problem coming up with a plan.  I mean, since I'm off work and have nothing but would all come together easy-peasy.  It's never that easy is it?

A blog post about the habits of 6 highly productive bloggers that I read this morning might have the answer to my present dilemma however.  My normal routing is ALL out of whack!

I'm used to being up between 4 and 4:30AM in order to be out the door between 5 and 5:15AM (5:30 at the latest - unless my hubby is driving then we can leave as late as 5:40 and I have just enough time to clock in on time!)  I do my work thing, come home, walk and feed the dog, feed myself and then go on the computer.  Since the both of us have been home and off of work, there has been NO routine.

And to make matters even worse, we lost internet to the house yesterday!  I still can go online on my iPhone, but given the spotty finances of short term disability, we might end up loosing the phones 

I started physical therapy last Tuesday.  I knew that it would flare things up and make the pain worse.  I was not wrong.  Especially since part of the therapy is something called Hybresis. That's where they stick a fancy bandage on my foot and send a small electrical charge through it to force medicine through my skin.  Of course, I don't actually feel anything on the medicine end of it, just on the saline solution end.  I don't know if it leaves a red spot on the bottom of my foot, but it does on the side.

It's supposed to be helping. I'm not feeling it yet. 

I'm signing off for now.  I'm sitting in a very warm car waiting for my hubby to get done with a job interview then it's off for a doctor appointment for my mom. Hopefully I'll learn more about the kidney disease she was diagnosed with. 

You all have a great day!

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