Sunday, April 20, 2014

Broads of a Feather in the Newspaper!

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Some time ago, my writing cohort messaged me on Facebook and let me know that a reporter from the Towanda Daily Review wanted to interview us both because of our blog Broads of a Feather!  I could 'hear' the excitement in her type because I was feeling it myself!  As it happened, the interview did not take place until just this past week.  Life happens for all of us.  C.P. was busy, I was busy, and the reporter was busy.

But happen it did and the two of us are on the front page of the Sunday Lifestyles section!  You can read the article here.

I can't begin to tell you how excited the two of us are!  This is local exposure neither of us have experienced at this point in our careers.  But things are opening up for the two of us in other areas as well.  C.P. was asked to do a radio interview. I'm not sure when that will be, but I can't wait to hear it.  Although most likely I'll be stuck in work at the time it airs.  Such is the life of a hard working woman!
The dynamic duo!

As for myself, I was just invited to speak at the June book club meeting at the Bradford County Library!  Maybe I can talk them into someday featuring the both of us.  Because we are a dynamic duo!  And I'm not just saying that because my name is Robin - I don't think the original dynamic duo (Batman and Robin) will mind me appropriating their nickname.

For many, myself included, 2014 has been a rough year.  I've seen so many posts on Facebook from various friends about how this year has just been rotten.  We've seemed to have more downs than ups, which is why doing a Happiness Jar has been such a challenge.  And also why it's important to keep on doing it.  Indeed, this next week is going to be a trial for me as the electric company may very well turn the power off.  They don't care that my job has dropped down to 4 days a week, a loss of about 9 hours pay, they still want to be paid.  I've run myself ragged trying to get help from different agencies...the ones that will call be back at any rate.  (Endless Mountains Mission Center - you suck when it applies to this.)  I may very well have lost the help of one agency because of waiting and waiting and waiting for this agency to return my call.

As in all things, we'll see how it turns out.

In the meantime, I'll rejoice over the additional press coverage and media exposure.  I'll rejoice over the fact that I'm alive and well (enough).  It is spring, and both spring and Easter represent new life and new beginnings.  May the rest of this year turn around for all of us, and show us that our high expectations back in December for this year weren't in vain.

And don't forget to read our article, and share share share!

Have you ever been in the newspaper for anything?  No, really...I'd like to know! Up to this point, the only times I've ever been in the paper were for work related events, such as the United Way luncheon and when I first started working at Cargill.  I wasn't ever featured in the paper when I worked there years ago; granted that was just at the press facility.  And this is so much cooler!

2014 - Writing like breathing...

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