Wednesday, November 27, 2013


It's a crazy time of year...and it's only Thanksgiving!

Saturday was the first of two family get-together's for me.  Traveled about an hour away from home, after working four hours.  We had to work Saturday because we have Thursday off for Thanksgiving, obviously, and then we will have Monday off as well since it is the first day of deer season here in PA and that is pretty much a holiday here.  We'll be working ten hours on Friday and then another ten on Tuesday to prevent having to work this Saturday.  I'll take that deal!

Tomorrow Mr. Janney and I will be headed to his parents' so that I can back my dish-to-pass (sweet potato yumyum) and then head to his grandparents for dinner.

This explains why my posting is not consistent this week for which I apologize.  I'll have a better plan in store for Christmas, which promises to be just as crazy and is now less than a month away.  And as usual we have done no Christmas shopping!

I have gotten very little new material written this week, which is a little frustrating but I will have to deal with it as I have no choice in the matter!  As my friend Jaime says at work, "Suck it up Buttercup!"

One thing I did get accomplished is putting up a title page for Farmer's Daughter in an attempt to have it made available as an audio book.  I want to make it as available as possible.

Which, a quick reminder, Farmer's Daughter is still on sale for Kindle.  Although the price is bumped up to $1.99 now, but it'll be there for two more days.  And 16 some hours according to the last countdown I just saw!  It'll hop back up to $2.99 after that.

I'll get this stuff figured out eventually!  In the meantime:

And Happy Hanukkah!!

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