Monday, November 4, 2013


I'm posting late today, and there is good reason for that.  Yesterday my husband and I experienced New York City for the first time in our lives, something I absolutely loved!  Today we have spent catching up on everything we would have normally done yesterday.  I absolutely loved the City, and the inspiration I was looking for, and would gladly go my wildest imaginations to actually live!  As if!  I'm not sure Mr. Janney would go with me willingly!  LOL  He is a country boy through and through.

Saturday, I think it was, I realized that I've really done things backwards.  I have a bad habit of doing that.  I mean, I published my novel straight to Kindle and then to paperback!  Ah well, we live and learn.  The second book will probably be released simultaneously to Kindle and paperback.  I've never actually told any of you what my book is about, the synopsis I mean.  I've just kind of assumed everyone will go to the website I link to!  Presumptuous on my part.

So, here it is:

When two wounded souls meet for the first time in a decade, sparks fly and threaten to catch an entire community on fire.

Devastated by a childhood accident, Angela Carman does her best to hide her pain hoping that no one will see the guilt it covers. When she learns that her family's farm is at the brink of foreclosure, Angela's course of actions sets into motion events that will change not only her life but her entire family's as well. As if learning to balance work, school and church wasn't enough, Angela is soon faced with adding love into her equation.

Haunted by his own painful past, Craig Moore is more than a little unwilling to hire the pretty young woman who arrives at his store at just the right time. But something about Angela in those first few minutes intrigued him and he found himself wanting to know her better. Perhaps it was the way she looked at him with only professional interest when other women always seemed to have ulterior motives. Perhaps it was her determination to not take "no" for an answer, or her tightly controlled emotions. Craig soon finds himself drawn into her world. A world steeped in faith and incredible pain, and he finds that he is not alone.

As two sets of self imposed prison walls begin to crumble and they fall in love, the entire town of Tyler's Grove notices and not all are pleased at the turn of events. From the young pastor who covets Angela for his own, to her own jealous cousin, to the Beast who works against them in another realm; at first the two only find support from their own best friends, both of whom are phone calls away. But as tragedy after tragedy seems to beset Angela, the small town unites behind her and Craig.

Will it be enough? When Angela is kidnapped from the streets of this small country town in broad daylight, and her life hangs in the balance, will her town's loyalty be enough to bring her justice? When Angela once again stands at the crossroads of life and death, will Craig's love be enough to bring her back? Will Craig's renewed faith stand the strength of this test? Or will it shatter them all?

In many ways, it's a love story...but it is about so much more than that.  It's about faith while questioning the One you believe in, it's about healing, and there is enough suspense to hopefully keep you guessing at the secrets the different characters hold close.  I mean, we all have secrets...some are just darker than others.

And there is no single antagonist in the book, there are several and I hope I managed to balance them all well.  Because just like secrets, none of us really have one single person out to get us.  Sometimes all we have are selfish people just trying to look out for themselves.  I think Thursday's post will touch on that some more.

For now, I think I'm going to end for the day by saying I LOVE NEW YORK!!  And back to life as normal tomorrow!  :)


  1. Congratz on your book.Glad you love NY.May you hVe great success.Love, Joan