Monday, March 28, 2016

What a Slacker!

What a slacker I've been here!  I've been doing a decent job at keeping up with our every other week schedule over at Broads of a Feather, but not here! Well, that will have to change!

I know, I know.  I've said that before and I do good for a little while, then fall right back into my old bad habits.  That has never stopped me from continuing to try though!

I'm simply going to have to save my tv shows for after I've done some writing work.

Easier said than done!
Who can get any work done with Mark Harmon on the screen?

I've been a long time fan of shows like NCIS and Criminal Minds.  NCIS has been airing since forever...ok, only since 2003.  It's one of my favorite shows, not only to keep up on but to binge watch reruns.  Thanks to stations who run consistent marathons and to my cable company having several episodes available for viewing at once.  I really can't pick a favorite character, because they're all great!  The show is a delightful mix of who-done-it, comedy and drama.  Sadly, this is Michael Weatherly's last season as Tony DiNozzo.  I so hope they give him a happy ending of some kind.  I don't care if he meets up with Ziva or Jeanne Benoit to live happily ever after!  I just hope that the show will go on without him.  After 13 years of NCIS, I don't want it going anywhere just yet!

Another great cast!
Criminal Minds makes me think too much about motives and psychology.  They've had some great story arcs over the years.  And some very heartbreaking episodes.  The one that sticks out in my mind is "Normal".  We follow the BAU gang as they try to uncover the identity of the Road Warrior who was driving around shooting a shotgun at people (and killing some).  The Road Warrior was simply a normal man who had a psychotic break a few months after the death of a daughter.  His break was so deep, that he murdered his wife and other children and didn't realize it, a part of his brain was still seeing them and interacting with them.  When the gang broke the news to him, he was devastated.  Some of the episodes are beyond disturbing, but humans can be deeply disturbing sometimes.  And Just like NCIS, Criminal Minds has lost one of their main actors this season.  Shemar Moore's last regular episode just aired last week.  After three weeks of shows where his character was central, it was almost a relief...that he was still alive. Whoever masterminded his farewell episodes put that character through hell!

And if this isn't enough of a distraction, they've developed a Criminal Minds spin-off!  Beyond Borders aired for the first time last week.  Granted, its star is none other that Gary Sinise, who I have loved since CSI:NY (one of the few shows on Netflix I watched from start to finish and would do so again if I still had a subscription!).  So I already had my mind made up long before I watched it.  However, after watching it I think the show does have potential and would tune in anyway to see if they develop it.

I do watch a few other shows. Blue Bloods - which I can never make up my mind whether I like it or not.  But that one has Tom Selleck in it and he was probably one of my first loves growing up! Magnum PI came on at 4pm and that was the time the school bus dropped us off at home.  I still remember the post card I received from his fan club in 5th grade when I wrote him a letter as part of a class assignment. It was my most prized possession for many years, even after I realized it was a standard reply and he never had anything to do with it.  I'll also watch NCIS: New Orleans even thought it doesn't have the same charisma that the original does.  But it has another actor I'm a fan of, Scott Bakula, so I watch anyways.

Now all I need is for Chris Pine to switch from movies to tv and you'd never see me again! Ok, not really, but I made myself chuckle.  I like Chris Pine right where he's at on the big screen and can't wait to watch The Finest Hours when it becomes available online.  Although I have yet to see 'Into the Woods'. Everything in its time!

For now though, I am switching gears and working on my novel a bit before dinner. (Even though I'm not posting this until Monday morning, I'm leaving that sentence!)

What shows do you like to watch, no matter what?

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