Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas and the Week After

Christmas is at the end of this week, and while for many Wednesday is the last day of the work work, for Mr. Janney and I it is also the last work day for this year.  We don't go back to work until January 4th!  Which wouldn't be a bad thing except only four out of those 7 days are holiday pay and Mr. Janney will be the only one getting that because I'm still too new there.  At least I'll be able to collect unemployment for those days, which is better than nothing.

For the most part, I'm looking forward to the time off.  I plan on sorting through our clothes and maybe reorganizing my desk.  It's good to have plans, right?

We'll see how far I get.  See you in the New Year (maybe by then I'll now how I really feel about the new Star Wars movie!)

Check out Amazon this week.  For the next two days, my novels Farmer's Daughter and Ring of Fire will be on sale for Kindle at only 99cents.  Then for three days after that, it'll be $1.99.  Also available on the UK site: Farmer's Daughter and Ring of Fire

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