Sunday, August 9, 2015

Changes To Be Made

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As I discussed in my post at Broads of a Feather, I am going to be making changes to my online presence.  I haven't made up my mind entirely as to what these changes are going to be, but they will be made.

Which isn't a bad thing.

I've  been wanting to post here more often, but given the state of my mind and emotions these past few weeks, I haven't been able to come up with anything good to post. Which is my own fault because I've always wanted to have some kind of schedule/plan for a few weeks out so I don't have to come up with something fresh each time I want to post; I've never sat down and written one out.

I have managed to get some writing done this summer, though nothing like I had originally planned.  My stories are never far from my thoughts.  It has been a very stressful summer, and truthfully shows no sign of abating anytime soon.

Our home is scheduled to be sold through a Sheriff Sale in September. I was making payments on it before my husband and I became injured and our finances began to suffer.  Rent continues to be an issue as well.

Even though I managed to convince my doctor to release me back to full time work, he wouldn't do it immediately (he didn't want to do it at all) so my return is at an hour a day a week at a time and I won't be back up to 8 hours a day for another week.  It is frustrating because it's not going to be in time.  My husband says he's going to ask the doctor to return him back to full duty when he sees her again at the end of the month, and I'm a little worries because he's only back to about 85%.  But it's a few weeks away still so maybe he'll be ready.  Or ready enough.

Which will create another 'problem' as we work different shifts and since we lost the car earlier this summer, transportation will be .... interesting.  I'll be talking to my friend and neighbor about riding in with her in probably another week.  And maybe a ride home too, even though it won't matter who I ride with I'll have to wait for them to get done since I'll only be working 8 hours and our departments are actually working 9 right now.

I know all things will end up working out somehow.  I just wish it would even out already!  We could both use a break from "life"!

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