Saturday, December 6, 2014

It's a Busy Time

My poor car...some of that deer hair is still in that crack...
I have been on the busy side since I last posted.  Honest.  I'm not always sure what I was doing, but I was doing something.

First, we hit a deer with my car,  That always adds excitement to our lives.  We had just left my in-laws and were going to run some errands when a deer comes flying out of the woods.  Turns out a hunter was coming down the mountain on his four-wheeler and most likely spooked the deer.  And let me tell you, those John Deere commercials aren't kidding when they say "Nothing runs like a deer."

There's about $2000 dollars worth of damage to the car.  It could have been worse.  When we pulled over and checked the damage, we could hear a hissing noise and thought for sure our radiator had been punctured...that would have been all bad.  Instead the grill hit the air conditioning unit, which since it is winter, isn't an immediate problem.

Snow adds its own element to life...
And yes, winter is coming in with a roar.  Even though winter doesn't start until December 21 (or 1st if you go by the meteorological calendar) we had our first decent snow the day before Thanksgiving.  While we didn't get as much as the Buffalo area did the week before, my area did receive more snow that originally forecasted.  But then it was a storm known as a nor'easter, which means anything can happen.  They're difficult to predict.  So our few inches turned into almost a foot, over in some places.

I accompanied my husband to his physical therapy that day, and it was only just started when we left.  Since we were already out, we decided to run a few errands before going home.  Big mistake.  Once we were done, my hubby was tired of dealing with town traffic and decided to take a short cut around.  It would have been alright if we hadn't met an oncoming car when and where we did.  Both of us moved over trying to make sure the other vehicle had enough room, and the road on our side was too steep and we slid right off and over a bank.  So our pretty truck has a boo-boo too.  :(

And they're predicting another big storm for next week.  Oh yay.

Somewhere in the midst of that, I was able to finish the proofing of my second novel and release it for publication.  I released the Kindle version first, then changed some formatting for the paperback version...and while I was working on the needed online proofing for that...I discovered and embarrassing mistake in the chapter went from 38 to 40!!!  Oops!  So I changed that and uploaded a new file for Kindle.  But not until after 4 people had bought it :/

work - not for the faint of heart lol
And then - yes there's more - I returned to work part time this week.  Only four hours a day.  It's been interesting.  I had won a job bid shortly before I was put on medical leave, and since my supervisor hasn't gotten back to me, I'm going to guess that I lost it.  But they haven't put me back on my old job either.  One day I was sent to pick meat...which is exactly what it sounds like.  I stood at a conveyor belt and picked out three different types of meat and put them in bins.  The next  I got stuck doing dry ice.  Walked from one side of the room scooping dry ice into bins of meat as I went, then walked back to turn around and start all over.  And of course, no matter how hard I tried, I managed to get some whiffs of the dangerous fumes.  I haven't breathed right since.  I'd like to blame my current cold or whatever it is on going back to working in 40 degree F weather, but I was already battling something before I started back,  I can't seem to shake this soar throat.

My foot isn't liking it.  But I'm able to tolerate the increase in pain so far.  It hasn't skyrocketed all the way back to what it used to be.  So that much is good; it must mean the tear has mended somewhat.  I have another week before I see the doctor again, but I might call him just to give him a mid-appointment update.  Maybe on Monday.  Maybe it'll even out.  But if he thinks I'm still headed for surgery, I think I ought to tell him we'd best be getting it done before the end of the year when the insurance deductions reset.

Next week, I have three days I have to be in the Valley for doctor's appointments.  One for mom, and two for me.  One is a regular check up for my diabetes and thyroid.  The other one is with the Ear, Nose, Throat doctor to find out what is going on with my sore throat.  Mom's is with the kidney specialist, routine checkup stuff.  My Mom has stage three kidney disease, but at the least it's holding at that stage and not getting any worse.

I plan on enjoying the rest of my weekend by hanging with my hubby and maybe puttering with my third novel.  It can be hard to write with him home, especially if he's on the Xbox because he can be loud.  Sometimes I'll take the laptop into the bedroom, but sometimes I like being with him and just sit there and do something else.  Like write this blog.  Mildly easier, but I've been working on it for a few days.  Any typos are completely his fault ;)

Everyone have a good weekend.  :)

2014 - Winding down with a bang

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