Friday, September 5, 2014

A Week of...Slacking!

I cannot lie...I love big books...
On Chapter 39, lots left to go...
Like I admitted over on my Broads of a Feather post late Wednesday night, I've been slacking an awful lot this week.

Some of it was the three day weekend.  Some of it was just me feeling...blah.

Some of it was 'I just want to read!'  Like I detailed in the other blog post, I am up to my ears in books to read.  And that is a delicious feeling.  Not that there is ever any shortage on books to read.  Libraries are full of them.  So is my Kindle.  I don't know about you, but I love it when a book pulls me in.  Especially when it's one I've read before; some books never lose that magic.

Some of it was honestly being busy.  Ok, one afternoon when my mom and I went to my orthopedic doctor visit in Johnson City, New York.  And let me tell you, this country girl did not like driving in that rush hour traffic on the way back out.  I'm not even sure if I actually got in the 'city' limits, but it was close enough.  Too close!  Hopefully when I go back for my shoe inserts in three weeks, it won't be as bad.  A girl can hope can't she?

The past two nights I've taken dinner to my husband for his lunch break.  It's been nice getting to meet some of his coworkers.  Any time with my husband is a treat.  The funny part is today he asked me not to bring as much as I did yesterday...what?  Apparently his age is catching up to him and he can't eat like he used to.  Ha!  Who can?

And no matter how hard I try, I've been falling behind in the game we've been playing!  I blame that on having to go the physical therapy early enough while he's on the computer still playing!

Right now, I've gotten caught up in Pinterest recipes all because of a recipe my cousin shared in her Facebook group!  It looks really yummy, you can look at it here.

So because this is more of an apology post (sorry I've been slacking at posting), I'm going to keep it short so I can get back to's really too late to be getting back into proofing Ring of Fire.  Maybe tomorrow.

2014 ~ where is it going?

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