Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hello there!

This is not my first blog, but since I've decided to self publish my novel and throw myself out into the public, so to speak, I've decided that it's time for a new platform from where to speak.  My old blog was an online diary, where I would vent or ramble given my mood.  I used to be quite prolific, but life got in the way and it dwindled down.

I just had my first Google+ Hangout today, which was pretty darn cool!  Ever since my birthday, life has just been one adventure after another.  I'm not sure what was special about this past birthday, but I'm not minding what life is bringing me!

So it was Jeff Roach from and it's about building a community of like believers etc. instead of traditional marketing.  I'll end up signing up for their membership eventually, once Justin gets done working on his truck.  Well, that might never happen...he's always working on one vehicle or another!  But once that gets settled down, because I can learn on my own - I just need a few pointers to get me headed in the right direction.

One thing I took away from the Hangout was that I'm on the right track by beginning to blog again.  He used an example of another author blogging about their area of expertise.  Even though I write fiction, that's still something I can do to.  I might not be an expert in anything, not even in writing, but I am an expert in my own writing LOL

I've been writing since I was in the third or fourth grade.  I can remember my first stories...they were 'fanfiction' for a tv show I really liked back then.  "Airwolf".  Oh my goodness...I had such a childhood crush on the guy that played Stringfellow Hawke, Jan-Michael Vincent!  My writing has gotten much better since then...thank God!  All by villains were names "Bad John" or "Bad Kelly" etc.  While of course their counterparts were "Good John" and "Good Kelly"  LOL

So, "Farmer's Daughter" the novel I so impulsively self-published...because I decided I believed in it.  It is actually based on a dream I had in either 1997 or 98.  I really don't remember which, just that I was still working as a nurses aide when I was doing the first free writes for it.  It changed drastically from those first free writes, and that's a good thing.  The original idea had Craig being hesitant to build a relationship with Angela because he was afraid of a sexual discrimination lawsuit, but out of the free writes evolved the idea that it was actually because he'd been sexually molested as a teen.  Some of the villains were re-"casted" since then as well...which is going to turn out to be really cool in the long run.

After I finished it, about 2005ish according to my email records, I hit writer's block.  I had ended it in a cliff hanger - the kidnapping mentioned in the synopsis, and then I hit that brick wall.  Well crap, now what?  I tried starting a sequel, but didn't get anything.  I was able to write a few poems here and there, but it was like the pond had dried up.  So, I let it sit idle in my email until last April when I decided to download it and reread it to see if it was any good.  And it was, it is.  But I still didn't like the ending.  So, I tacked on a new ending, that went a different direction and opened the flood gates not just for a sequel but for a series of either 3-5 books.  It'll probably be 5, but I don't want to bore people so we'll see.

For right now, I think I'll stick to Monday/Thursday posting and see how it goes.  Back in the old days, I used to write a blog post everyday.  Not sure I have the time for that anymore.  Still learning, which is good.

Robin  :)

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